Is there any adblock for Puffin browser?

Puffin web browser is one of the most reliable Android browser available in the market and it comes with all important plugins and extensions. The browser not only supports flash but also offers a powerful compression algorithm that saves your bandwidth upto 90%.

Recently, some users reported that adblock for Puffin browser doesn’t work properly and most of the time it fails to block all the ads. If you are one of those Puffin users who are having issues with popups and pop-under ads then this guide is for all of you.


Well, Puffin browser tries its level to control all ads but some websites have made the close button on ads extremely small and you may not be able to close these ads with your finger. So, in order to close popups and annoying ads, please use the trackpad and close these ads with the cursor. This way, you’ll be able to close all these disgusting ads and it also saves your device from adware and malware. So, that’s it, in case you need any help please let us know in the comments section.