Bypass Pokemon Go 0.37 Root Security Using Magisk

If you are a Pokemon Go player and have a rooted Android device then you we have some bad news for you and that is, you can’t play Pokemon Go 0.37 officially as Niantic has added some security features which restricts the game to work on rooted devices but there is no need to frustrate anymore as we have found a solution which allows you to bypass Pokemon Go 0.37 root security easily.


Thanks to an XDA user topjohnwu, who has created Magisk (Magic Mask) a mod which aims to overcome all these difficulties and create an universal interface for everyone to develop and use mods. Magisk first gained popularity when it enabled Android Pay on rooted Android devices and now the good news is, it works with Pokemon Go.

If you are interested and want to play Pokemon Go on rooted device then follow the steps below.

  1. Download Magisk for Android.
  2. Now flash on your device in recovery.
  3. Now reboot your device.
  4. Once back online, you will need to re-root your Android device but you can’t use an normal method. You will have to download special Magisk version of phh’s SuperUser17. Flash this through the custom recovery, just like you did before. Now install phh SuperUser from the Play Store.
  5. Now, install Magisk Manager 1.2 for the device.
  6. This step is optional, but if you want Xposed you must download the steamless version. For that purpose, download Material Design Xposed Installer and install the steamless version 86.5. Now grant Xposed SuperUser access and allow the phone to install Xposed automatically. When the phone reboots, wait for a few minutes to get the apps optimized.
  7. That’s it. Your rooted device can now play Pokemon Go easily. Now simply head to Magisk Manager and turn off root with the root toggle. When you are done playing, just re-enable the root access.

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  1. I haven’t used this before but read up on it in the past. Don’t you have to wipe superuser from your custom ROM before installing this?

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