How to Bypass Pokemon Go Root Detection on Android

Pokemon Go is one of the most addicting smartphone game ever made and even today people are insane for this game. Pokemon Go has achieved its rank because of the features it’s offering. Apart from all these amazing features, Niantic has launched the latest version of Pokemon Go yesterday. The latest version for Android is Pokemon Go 0.37 and for iOS Pokemon Go 1.7.0. However, Niantic has done something terrible with this game. To make it, more secure and stable, they have added some new security features and now those Pokemon trainers who either have rooted Android phones or jailbreak iOS devices can’t play this game. But, thanks to all those third party developers who are consistently working on the game has created a patch which will allow you to bypass Pokemon Go root detection and iOS jailbreak detection.

So, if you are interested and want to learn how you can bypass Pokemon Go root detection security then follow the steps below.

Bypass Pokemon Go Root detection for Android:

Well, the majority of Android users have rooted Android device and that’s because the rooted Android devices allows you to do something magical with your phone, so for rooted Pokemon Go players follow the steps now.

  1. Download the latest Pokemon Go APK for Android.
  2. Once download, download another app called Hide My Root from Google Play Store.
  3. After installing both applications, run Hide My root and select the option to ‘Hide SuperSU Binary
  4. Now, run Pokemon Go on Rooted Android device without facing any security issues. That’s it, if you have any questions do let us know in the comments.

Some users even reported that this solution is not working for them. For all those users, please try the Magisk solution we have written a detailed guide on it.

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