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Download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 for PC

The new and stable version of Discord Pokesniper is finally here and it is fully compatible with the latest Pokemon Go 0.39.1 API. The new Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 allows you to snipe all the rare and legendary Pokemon and is also very easy to use. The developers of Discord Pokesniper have done a wonderful job and if you are planning to use it then now is the best time as we tried it and it worked perfectly and there is no way Niantic would ever ban you for using it. If you are interested and want to download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 Pokemon Go for PC then follow the steps.

How to Download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 for PC:

Download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 for PC.

Once downloaded, follow the steps on how to install.

How to install Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1:


1) Download Pokesniper2 1.12 and put all files in the same folder with Discord PokeSniper v1.0.1
2) edit the pokesniper2 1.12 user.xml file to fit your user details
3) run discordPokesniper.v1.0.jar or Start_DiscordPokeSniper.bat
the Start_DiscordPokeSniper.bat if for debug only.
you don’t have to use it.
4) post your token of discord in the gui window and click the button.

you can select which pokemons to catch. (Default: catch all pokemon)

The number next to the Pokemon name is the number that the same pokemon was caught



Download Tutuapp 2.0.101 for iOS

The Chinese based App Store Tutuapp has received a massive update for iOS. The new Tutuapp 2.0.101 for iOS comes with brand new mods and hacks for games as well as there is a complete new inventory of paid apps for free.

The new tutuapp 2.0.101 is fully compatible with Pokemon Go 1.9.0 and if you use tutuapp for iOS then you can play Pokemon Go with hacks such as teleportation, joystick and a lot more. If you are interested and want to download Tutuapp 2.0.101 for iOS then follow the steps.

We have tested iOS tutuapp and it worked perfectly and has tons of modded and paid apps for free. Tutuapp also has modded Pokemon Go app which allows you to catch any Pokemon easily. If you are interested and want to download and install Tutuapp for iOS then follow the steps below.

Download Tutuapp 2.0.101 on iOS without Jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad or iPod:

  • Pick up your iOS device and open Safari browser.
  • Now, type in address bar tutuapp.com or you can simply open it through this link.
  • Once you are on the website. You can see the tutuapp file link.
  • Tap on the green button and let it download.
  • Once downloaded and installed. Open it from the apps drawer. It will show a message about “Trust the enterprise”.
  • Once you have done it. Open the tutuapp from the app drawer. That’s it, tutuapp is now installed on your non jailbreak device. If you have any questions do let us know.

Download Hacked Pokemon Go 1.9.0 for iOS using Tweakbox

Pokemon GO has been out for quite a while now and has already received some amazing features. Niantic recently launched Pokemon Go 1.9.0 for iOS which comes with the improved buddy system and some bug fixes. This update blocked most of the mods for Pokemon Go but thanks to Tweakbox you can still play Pokemon Go 1.9.0 for iOS using mods.

The tweakbox application allows you to play Pokemon Go 1.9.0 with joystick, teleportation and many other mods. If you are an iOS user then you should definitely try Pokemon Go 1.9.0 Tweakbox version. This application is just like tutuapp but it has some of its very own features and another good news is there is no need to jailbreak your device.

If you are interested and want to download hacked Pokemon Go 1.9.0 using Tweakbox then follow the steps below.


Download Pokemon Go 1.9.0 Hacked Version Using Tweakbox for iOS:

Open Safari browser and type http://tweakboxapp.com/

Once the page is loaded, you will see an Install Now button.

Now, download and install the tweakbox app on your iOS device.

Once installed, search for Pokemon Go and install it on your device.

That’s it. Now, you have Hacked Pokemon Go 1.9.0 installed using Tweakbox.

In case you have any queries do let us know in the comments.