Download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 for PC

The new and stable version of Discord Pokesniper is finally here and it is fully compatible with the latest Pokemon Go 0.39.1 API. The new Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 allows you to snipe all the rare and legendary Pokemon and is also very easy to use. The developers of Discord Pokesniper have done a wonderful job and if you are planning to use it then now is the best time as we tried it and it worked perfectly and there is no way Niantic would ever ban you for using it. If you are interested and want to download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 Pokemon Go for PC then follow the steps.

How to Download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 for PC:

Download Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1 for PC.

Once downloaded, follow the steps on how to install.

How to install Discord Pokesniper 1.0.1:


1) Download Pokesniper2 1.12 and put all files in the same folder with Discord PokeSniper v1.0.1
2) edit the pokesniper2 1.12 user.xml file to fit your user details
3) run discordPokesniper.v1.0.jar or Start_DiscordPokeSniper.bat
the Start_DiscordPokeSniper.bat if for debug only.
you don’t have to use it.
4) post your token of discord in the gui window and click the button.

you can select which pokemons to catch. (Default: catch all pokemon)

The number next to the Pokemon name is the number that the same pokemon was caught