Download GoIV Offline 2.2.0 APK for Android

In order to win Pokemon Go Gym battles, one should select the Pokemon which has the best stats. If you don’t select your Pokemon wisely then I’m sure you will be in big trouble. So, in order to win every Pokemon battle, you must know the hidden stats of all your opponent’s Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, every Pokemon has some hidden stats and these are called IV. IV stands for “individual values”.

In Pokemon Go Gym battles, if your Pokemon has higher IV stats then you have more chances of winning a battle. There are already many apps available for IV checker but the one we are sharing today is special and it works offline. The new Pokemon Go application GOIV Offline is the latest Pokemon Go IV checker app and it doesn’t connect with Pokemon Go API or with Pokemon Go server so there is no chance of getting banned.

If you are a Pokemon Go player and want to download GoIV Offline 2.2.0 APK then follow the steps.

Download GoIV Offline 2.2.0 APK for Android:

  1. Download GoIV Offline 2.2.0 APK for Android.
  2. Now, download the latest Pokemon GO APK file.
  3. Run the GoIV Offline application and check the IV stats of all Pokemon.

That’s it. If you have any questions do let us know in the comments.