Download Magisk V6 Latest Update

Niantic recently launched a new update for Pokemon Go in which they have officially dropped the support for rooted Android devices meaning you can’t play this game on any rooted devices. In order to make the game more secure, Niantic has started applying new security checks and is now using SafetyNet API, the same system used in Android Pay.


Already many modders are working to make this game available for rooted Android owners and a big thanks to topjohnwu, an XDA member who have created a mod which allows you to play Pokemon Go on any rooted device.

Well, the developer has launched a mod called Magisk which allows you to run Pokemon Go on rooted devices without any issue. Magisk first gained its popularity when it was discovered that it could enable Android Pay on rooted devices and now the same mod works for Pokemon Go too. For playing Pokemon Go, you need to install the latest Magisk V6 on your rooted Android device. You can download the latest Magisk V6 from here.

Download Magisk V6 for Rooted Devices

Download Magisk 1.2 Manager

We also wrote a complete guide on how you can play Pokemon GO on Rooted device using Magisk.