Download MyGoBuddy 0.05 Pokemon Go Bot

The most powerful and successful bot for Pokemon Go is finally here and is called MyGoBuddy 0.05. MyGoBuddy 0.05 is a massive success and it’s fully compatible with Pokemon Go 0.39.1 APK and it comes with a bunch of features which helps you a lot in your Pokemon Go experience.  Some of the major features of MyGoBuddy are:

download mygobuddy 0.05 pokemon go bot

Features of MyGoBuddy 0.05:

Pokestops - Pokestops around you are now rendered on the the map so you can better generate your paths for you

Item disposing - You can now throw away items in your inventory with the amount specified

Inventory tab - Pokemon/Items are now split under the inventory tab

Resizable Client - You can now change the size of your client if you don’t like the default size

Buddy Pokemon - Now tells you how what your buddy pokemon is + how much you have walked with it

Pokemon Caught - Now accurately tracks your pokemon caught in that session

Server Additions:

Now tracks each and every one of your Pokemon Accounts for the pokemon you catch every session

Statistical tracker (will be implemented on forums soon)

Stability fixes:

Walking issues have now been fixed (derp)

Map issues now fixed also - should also find its more spacious

Furthermore, MyGoBuddy 0.05 sniping ability is just amazing and soon the application will be available for both Android and iOS but for now the app is only available for PC. If you are interested and want to download MyGoBuddy 0.05 Pokemon Go Bot then you can download it from here.

Download MyGoBuddy 0.05 Pokemon Go Bot