Download NecroBot Forked 0.9.6 for Pokemon GO

Gamers are finding it hard now to run all day long to catch their favorite and precious Pokemons. At the time of release, the excitement was so high that users didn’t find it difficult to walk for hours and go to places they have never been to just catch a good Pokemon but now people need something automated, something that would not require human effort.

NoxxDev, took care of the situation and released the bot for Pokemon GO named “NecroBot Forked“. This Pokemon bot links to your account to catch Pokemons, use Pokestops and its capable of evolving your Pokemon as well.

In this guide we will tell you How to use NecroBot.


  • Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Installation and Configuration of NecroBot:

  1. Download the latest NecroBot version | Necrobot Terbaru
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and execute (NecroBot.exe)
  3. A console window will flash. This is generating the config/auth JSON files.
  4. Go to the Config/auth.json files.
  5. Edit the auth.json file by opening in any text editor of your liking.
  6. Change the Auth type to google or ptc. Always remember to put all information in quotes, if you type anything out of the quotes the authentication won’t work.
  7. Type in your credentials based on what auth type you chose; Google or PTC.
  8. Save Auth.json

How to config NecroBot:

After finishing with Auth file, navigate to config.json and open it in a text editor. This file is already configured with default generic settings. So, you will have to modify each of the settings as per your liking. After opening the config.json file you will there are 100s of values which you can mingle with but the three most important ones are DefaultAltitude, DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude. You can ignore DeafaultAltitude though as Niantec doesn’t check altitude. DefaultLatitude Value, value must be between -90 and 90 and DefaultLongitude Value, must be between -180 and 180.

Scheduled Intervals:



If UseGPXPathing is set to false, Evolution, upgrading, transferring and recycling will execute every 5th Pokestop. Sniping will execute every Pokestop.


If UseGPXPathing is set to true and GPXFile is found, Evolution, updating, transferring, recycling and sniping will execute every second or based on the value in milliseconds forMinDelayBetweenSnipes (whichever is higher).

For detailed GPX path setup guide, click here.

For Sniping Setup, follow the guide at Sniping Setup

For detailed insight on settings and values in the config.json file please visit here

Once you are done with all of the above, Save the config.json file and run NecroBot again.

If in future you desire to change the location, simply close the bot you are running. Open the config.json file, change the values for DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude and run the bot.