Download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 for Pokemon Go 0.37.1

In early days of Pokemon Go, we have seen many Pokemon trainers who love to run all day to catch their favorite Pokemon. In those days, the excitement was too high and the trainers just want everything automated and that wouldn’t require any human effort. So in order to make things easier for the Pokemon trainers NoxxDev came with the solution and he named it, Necrobot Forked. Well, Necrobot is a Pokemon Go bot that allows you to catch any Pokemon, use Pokestops and is capable of evolving your Pokemon as well.

During the early days of Pokemon Go, NoxxDev launched Necrobot Forked 0.9.6 which had some issues with Pokemon Go but now the developer has launched the new Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 and its totally made for Pokemon Go. The new Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 is fully compatible with Pokemon Go 0.37.1 version of Android. If you had previously used Necrobot then it’s time to use the new version. If you are new then you can read our detailed guide on how you can install Necrobot Forked on your PC.

Download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 for PC:

  1. Download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and execute (NecroBot.exe)
  3. A console window will flash. This is generating the config/auth JSON files.
  4. Go to the Config/auth.json files.
  5. Edit the auth.json file by opening in any text editor of your liking.
  6. Change the Auth type to google or ptc. Always remember to put all information in quotes, if you type anything out of the quotes the authentication won’t work.
  7. Type in your credentials based on what auth type you chose; Google or PTC.
  8. Save Auth.json