Download Pokesniper2 1.12 for PC

Pokesniper2 is the latest and most advanced tool for Pokemon Go. Pokesniper2 allows you to catch any Pokemon from any location without getting banned. Pokesniper2 will ask for the information it needs to snipe a Pokemon. If you are a Pokemon Go player and use Pokesniper2 frequently then you need to edit user.xml file to quickly load your information. For finding all your favorite Pokemon, you need to visit Pokesnipers website. The tool is pretty easy to use and there are many ways to use Pokesniper2 like:

  • Automatic: Run autosniper.bat to have PokeSniper2 automatically catch all Pokemon listed on PokeSnipers.
  • Command Line: Run PokeSniper2.exe Pokemon Latitude Longitude (Use spaces) to have it read from the user.xml, catch the Pokemon and exit.
  • Link: Run registerurl.bat, and then you can click on pokesniper2:// links to instantly open PokeSniper2 and catch the Pokemon given in the link.

If you are a Pokemon Go fan and want to play Pokemon Go using Pokesniper2 then follow the steps.

Download Pokesniper2 1.12 for PC Windows and MAC:

In case you are facing some issues with Pokesniper2 then read the faqs:

PTC, Ptc or ptc?
A) Ptc

Q) I’m getting a lot of “There is no Pokemon here” in a row?
You are likely API limited. There is no program fault in PokeSniper2, or fake data on PokeSnipers. The PokemonGo server just responded with an empty map.

Q) I’m getting “Expected 5 responses, but got 1 responses”?
This equals to the “Failed to get game data from the server.” message people have