How to Find and Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a highly addicting game and when you start a game, you are given a starter Pokemon and after that you will have to find new Pokemon and catch them through Poke Balls. When you catch a Pokemon you will also get some free Poke Balls which allows you to catch strong and legendary Pokemon. Inspite of all this, for finding some new Pokemon you will have to do a lot of walking. Some people get lucky and find new Pokemon in their backyard or in the bathroom but that is not going to happen every time. When you see a Pokemon on your radar, tap on it and then it will start the capture process. The capture process is pretty easy for low level Pokemon, a ring shows on your Pokemon monster that defines how hard and how many Poke balls you will need to catch that Pokemon. The green ring indicates that it’s easy to catch the specific Pokemon, Orange is for intermediate and red is for the hard ones.

Sometimes, you will have to use some other items and high level Poke Balls like Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Master Ball is only for the rare Pokemon and it allows you to capture rare Pokemon like Mewtwo and Mew. One more thing, if you are close to a grassy area, there are chances that you might get Grass Type or Insect Type Pokemon and if you are close to a Pond then there are chances that you will find a water type Pokemon.

I hope this guide will help you in finding your very first Pokemon. Do let us know in the comments which Pokemon you were able to get your hands on first.