How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon GO

Pokemon has taken over the world and players from all around the world are crazy for this addicting game. Pokemon Go is now officially launched in US, UK, AU and in some other countries. If you are getting a GPS not found error every time you launch the game then there is an easy way to fix it. Just follow Run For Apps guide on how to fix GPS error on Pokemon Go.

How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error on Pokemon Go:

Many Android devices comes with GPS Off by default. It means if you launch the game without activating the GPS it will give you GPS Signal Not Found error. Apart from this, GPS on mobiles are disabled by default in order to save the battery life. So in order to activate the GPS:

  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Scroll down to privacy and safety and tap on it.
  • Now tap on location and make sure location toggle is enabled.
  • Once GPS or Location is enabled, you can now enjoy Pokemon Go without getting GPS signal not found error.

In case your phone doesn’t have a GPS radio or its GPS isn’t working then there is still a way to play Pokemon Go but the experience won’t be that good and you need to be in the areas that have strong Wi-Fi connection. This strong internet connection will be able to locate your current position. However, we will still recommend you to buy a good Android device.