How to Fix Pokecoins not showing up, trainer progress level and other issues in Pokemon Go

The augmented reality video game Pokemon Go is a massive hit and its available for both Android and iOS platform. This Pokemon mobile game is completely different from its predecessors and people just gone crazy for this game. If you are a Pokemon player and playing this game right now then you might know the issues it has. The latest Pokemon update solved some minor issues like “Force Authentication issue” but Pokemon Go has some other problems too which needs to be addressed too.

List of the Pokemon Go Issues:

  • PokeCoins Not showing up:
  • “You already own this item” error message:
  • Trainer progress resets to Level 1:
  • GPS issues:
  • “This item is not available in your country” error:

PokeCoins not showing Up:

If you encounter this issue then the best thing to do right away is to try signing out of the game and then login after few minutes. It will fix Pokecoins issue. If somehow, it didn’t make any difference then try powering off your device. Some people reported that after powering off and ON their device they started seeing their purchased items.

“You already own this item” error :

This error occurs if you have a limited internet connectivity and when you are trying to purchase something and internet just got disconnected. Restart your device and this issue won’t happen again.

Trainer Progress reset to Level 1:

It happens only if you are using two Pokemon accounts on a single device. The best thing to do there, is to logout from that account. Restart your device and login from your original account.

GPS issue:

The game requires a GPS signal and if you haven’t enabled GPS of your device then the game wouldn’t work properly. You can get more details on it from this link.

“This items isn’t available in your country”:

Currently, Pokemon Go is not available in all regions. If you are available in those regions where Pokemon Go is not available officially, then you will get this error but there is a way to play this game through installing an official APK file.