How to Fix Pokemon Go 1.1.1 Update issue on iOS

Pokemon Go has received a new update today but this one is not a big update. The Pokemon Go 1.1.1 is a minor update and it fixes two minor issues which users are getting e.g Performance improvement in Pokemon details and list screens page and correct link for app upgrade. The size of this new update is 155MB.

iOS upgrade issue affecting Pokemon Go 1.1.0 and earlier:

Some iOS users experience difficulty after upgrading their app to the latest Pokemon Go 1.1.1 update. Users who have 1.1.0 or earlier facing an incorrect web address issue when prompted to update within an app.

How to Fix Pokemon Go 1.1.1 on iOS:

If Clicking on “OK” button redirects you to then you can resolve this issue by following the following steps:

Open the App Store App

Now, tap on updates.

Navigate to the Pokemon Go app, and tap the update button.

Here is what’s new in Pokemon Go 1.1.1:

- Performance improvement in Pokémon details and list screens.
- Correct link for app upgrade.