How to get new “Nearby” tracker in Pokemon Go

Niantic has added a brand new Pokemon nearby tracker in their latest update and it’s actually really good. The new tracker has a completely new user interface and is quite different from the old sighting feature which shows nearby Pokemon displayed in front of the grass but the new tracker is more specific and accurate. Now, the new tracker display Pokemon in front of an image of a specific Pokestop. In the new Pokemon Go update, If you tap one of the Pokemon, you will get more detailed information so you know where to go. The Pokemon won’t show precisely at the Pokestop but they will be somewhere near that area.

Some Pokemon Go players who used this new tracker reported that this one is really accurate and thanks to it, they are able to catch some rare Pokemon. The feature is not available for all regions but it will be available in the next coming days. If you are lucky enough and have already received the new tracker feature then this image will definitely help you.

Here is the video of Pokemon Go Nearby tracker: