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Download PGBot Latest Version for Pokemon Go

Niantic released the new version of Pokemon Go yesterday which comes with buddy improvements, bug fixes and some new features. Since yesterday, we are seeing some great activity from the modding community of Pokemon Go and today we have something great for all our readers. Today, PGBot launched the new version of their Pokemon Go bot. If you haven’t used PGbot before, then it’s time to use it. PGBot is the cross platform Pokemon Go bot available for Windows, MAC and even Linux. The PGBot is pretty easy to use and easy to install.

Download PGbot for PC

Another great thing about PGbot is its fully compatible with all Pokemon Go features and you can do anything with this bot. Also, the app provides a safer botting experience such as human like walking algorithms so you won’t get a ban hammer. Furthermore, PGBot also has multiple bot taps on a single client meaning you can bot multiple accounts at the same time. If you are interested and want to download PGBot for Windows, MAC and for Linux then you can download it from here.

The PGBot is pretty easy to use. In case you are facing difficulties understanding this tool then you can read the detailed guide on how you can use PGBot for Windows, MAC and on Linux.