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Watch Pokemon Generations Episode 3: The Challenger

The new episode of Pokemon Generations is finally here and is titled, The Challenger. In Pokemon Generations Episode 3, a new challenger approaches to test his abilities again stht eh Kanto’s region Elite Four. The new episode 3 is really amazing and we have seen some powerful Pokemon of Elite Four and the challenger. Pokemon Generations Episode 3: The Challenger is available to watch. If you love Pokemon Generations then don’t forget to watch the new episode.


Watch Pokemon Generations Episode 1: The Adventure

The first episode of Pokemon Generations is here and it features the Pokemon as never seen before. The first episode revisits each generation of the Pokemon video game starting from Viridian Forest to Terminus cave. If you are a Pokemon fan then you must watch Pokemon Generations first episode. The first episode is titled “The Adventure” and there will be a new episode every week. So stay tuned!.

Watch Pokemon Generations Episode 1 here:


Watch Pokemon Generations Trailer

The new Pokemon animated series is here and is known as Pokemon Generations. The new Pokemon Generations revisits each generation of Pokemon video game series to shed some light on some timeless moments. Each Pokemon Generations episode will be around 3-5 minutes and will be released every week through December 23, 2016.

If the video isn’t working for you then you need to use some VPN series in order to watch this video as the episodes are Geo-locked. You can use free VPN service such as Zenmate to watch the complete Pokemon Generations episodes.

Watch Pokemon Generations Trailer: